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In April 2013, I was told I had uterine fibroids. Several. Ten to be exact. This came as a total surprise to me. As I tried to really understand what was going on and learn more about fibroids, their causes, how to treat them. I came up short.

I was very disappointed and discouraged to find there were not a lot of solid facts out there about fibroids. And most if the sites were so…depressing. Which was a problem for me. Up to 80% of women in the US develop fibriods, and Black women are more likely to develop them. Asian women are also at high risk for fibroids. Why are they so common,especially for Black women? Why isn’t there more research? Why does no one seem to care?! I need answers. (and Sway doesn’t have them)

After my myomectomy (surgical removal of uterine fibroids), there was more. The surgery solved a few problems but possibly created a new one: infertility. Infertility is the secret shame of so many women. So many women go through in silence because you don’t want to be pitied or embarrassed. I found much more information and supportive communities of women. Yet, it was like a great underground sorority. Everyone came together on line, but no one talked about infertility in real life. I know (in my experiences) in the Black community, it is one of the many health issues not discussed. (We need to do better)

I started this blog to chronicle my experiences with fibriods, trying to get pregnant/infertility, and the overall life experiences of my 30s.  A place to get my thoughts out, but also a space for women, especially Black women, to share their experiences and struggles. A space that can be fun and funny and still talk about real life.

This blog about being just being a woman, in your 30s, and infertility happens to be part of my journey.


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