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November: Adoption Awareness Month

As we walk, sometimes crawl, though this infertility journey, we have to keep our minds and hearts open. Of course, there is nothing like carrying your own baby, but as we all know, sometimes that’s not possible. That doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home (And Endless Questions) for the Hoilidays

This week kicks off the American Holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve. Plenty of food, parties, shopping sprees, drinks, and time with family and friends. Time with family and friends usually means people want a life update: How’s … Continue reading

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November’s Not Just for Turkey.

  We’re halfway through November (how did that happen?!) and I can’t let this month go by without acknowledging that its National Adoption Awareness Month! I was not aware that there was such a thing, until this year, so now … Continue reading

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Its Mother’s Day….Again

Its here, the day that many of us love and hate….Mother’s Day. Most of us have awesome moms, aunts, grandmas, friends and mother figures that deserve all the brunches, flowers, pampering and accolades they will get today. But while we’re … Continue reading

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A Pause for the Cause: Thoughts on Ferguson, MO and Michael Brown from a Future Mom

I am a very socially and politically aware person. However, I try to keep politics and social issues (not dealing with women’s health) out of this blog. Mainly because I want to keep this a neutral place, and for the most … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day…if Yall’s Some Mothers

So, its Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate how awesome moms, grandmas, great grandmas are. Being a mom is a 24/7 job. They deserve at least one day to get as many cards, flowers, dinners, brunches, spa days, poems, and … Continue reading

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Drop it Like Its Hot-The Ring of Fire

  Oh, Blogging 101. They always have something to challenge you (which is the whole point) But TODAY, they really went there. Today’s assignment is post inspired by a prompt. This is the prompt: Do you love hot and spicy … Continue reading

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