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8 Things You Need to Know about your IVF Protocol that No One Told You

Hi Maybes! I’ve been a little quiet because…..I just finished my first  protocol for egg retrieval. We’re going to freeze and transfer in a few months once we get this thin lining resolved. Updates on my cycle soon to come. … Continue reading

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…But She Refuses to Go Down

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson   I would like to say before I get started that this post has been in draft for about 4 days, so it wasn’t inspired by Rhonda … Continue reading

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Just like a Felon

I know I’m late, but the new thing I love is podcasts. I’m addicted.  Serial. The Read. Freakanomics. I even sub to a wedding planning pod cast. They’re entertaining, informative, and they help me get through my long commute home,  … Continue reading

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How Congress Celebrates NIAW….

…and it’s not by recognizing the week with a proclamation. Someone I know shared a little nugget about Congress and their plan to overturn a DC law that prevents women from being fired for using IVF or getting pregnant out-of-wedlock. At first, … Continue reading

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Coming out of the Closet: I’m a Beyonce Fan

Lets take a break form Infertility and Fibroids, and go Off Topic! A new category you will see more of, because sometimes, you just need to talk about other things.   Hi, my name is Jai, and I’m a Beyonce … Continue reading

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Some Days are just Bad Days

I try to keep everything pretty positive around here. I generally have a positive but realistic attitude about life in general. I haven’t yet began to dive I to my fertility issues here, but today, I’m going to jump ahead … Continue reading

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A Pause for the Cause: Thoughts on Ferguson, MO and Michael Brown from a Future Mom

I am a very socially and politically aware person. However, I try to keep politics and social issues (not dealing with women’s health) out of this blog. Mainly because I want to keep this a neutral place, and for the most … Continue reading

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