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Its My Blogaversary!

      Today, Maybe Mama is one! A year ago, I decided to not just let this blog be an idea, but to actually do it! I didn’t know exactly what to do, or what to say (I still … Continue reading

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I’m A Winner!

    I was nominated for a Leibster Award! Go me!! This is really a great thing as a new blog to have others bloggers like what you are doing. I want to thank Jane Lorraine (Honoring Our HAIRatige) and Privy … Continue reading

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HERstory-Coming Out of the Shadows to Tell Our Story

    Its encouraging to find now that I’m not alone. I’ve always known I’m not alone in fighting fibroids and infertility, but recently I’ve seen more Black women sharing their stories. The lack of discussion and transparency in the … Continue reading

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Drop it Like Its Hot-The Ring of Fire

  Oh, Blogging 101. They always have something to challenge you (which is the whole point) But TODAY, they really went there. Today’s assignment is post inspired by a prompt. This is the prompt: Do you love hot and spicy … Continue reading

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30s Rock

Preface: As part of the Blogging University 101 exercises, we had to write, or improve our About Me page. The following day’s assignment was to use something in our About page to inspire a post. When I looked at my About … Continue reading

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That Awkward Moment When…..

Its National Infertility Awareness Week, y’all!! If you’re in the fertility struggle, you’ve had that moment (probably more than one) where someone asks you about when you’re going to start procreating. Now, even without fertility issues, I just think its … Continue reading

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Jump In. Jump Out. Introduce Yourself!

My name is Jai! (yeah) And I’m a blogger (yeah)…. Ok that was fun, but lets really get into it. About me and about this blog. In 2013 I found out I had uterine fibroids. Not one big one, not … Continue reading

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